Leadership Snapshot: Carl LoBue Sr.


Chairman of the Board
LoBue Group

Carl LoBue SrCarl LoBue is Chairman of the Board of Directors and founder of The LoBue Group. Mr. LoBue has a long career in Financial Services. Prior to creating The LoBue Group, he was Senior Vice President of Crocker National Bank and Vice President of Citibank, N.A. Mr. LoBue has served on the board of directors of several U.S.-based corporations, including Homestead Savings, California Federal Bank and Peoples Bank of California. At Homestead, he was chairman of the Compensation Committee; at California Federal, he was chairman of the Audit Committee; and at PBOC he was chairman of the Planning Committee. He also served on the Risk Asset Review Committees at Homestead and California Federal.

For the past 30 years, Mr. LoBue has consulted with senior executives at financial services companies in over 45 countries. Company turnaround engagements have included an overseas Vegetable Oil Manufacturer, a Savings and Loan in the US and a US-based International Transaction Processing Company. Merger integrations have included two money center banks.

His first hand experience in guiding the LoBue Group through the difficult periods in the Financial Services Industry, coupled with his extensive working relationships with Banking Industry leaders around the globe, have provided Mr. LoBue with an experience base in Financial Services that is unique. From working with premier international organizations and emerging economy Banks as well as assisting Banks in their transition from Private to Public ownership he has seen and successfully dealt with every opportunity and challenge facing Financial Services institutions.

Mr. LoBue is a cum laude graduate of Seton Hall University with a degree in Industrial Management and a Masters of Business Administration in Finance. He is a frequent guest lecturer at Client Seminars and Universities and is past Chairman of the Business Advisory Council at Loyola Marymount University and a Charter Member of the CARE Corporate Council.

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