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Cards Processing


Current financial dynamics, which are creating increases in both consumer debt and fraud, are sure to place significant pressures on card operation profit margins. And new technologies, as well as on-line access for servicing and payment, provide both opportunities to better serve customers and challenges to quick and effective execution.

Successful organizations realize that they need to refocus their efforts to strategically align their organizations with business strategy, build more cost-effective operations and enhance their customer service. A continued economic downturn could speed up the downward profit cycle, thus shortening the time available for implementing corrective changes.


LoBue Associates, Inc. has partnered with many financial service organizations to quickly design and implement plans that align business operations with current market situations. Our consultants bring practical experience in managing card operations to help companies...

  • Define the appropriate design for their organization. We apply our knowledge of best practices to design a card operation business model that is aligned with the client’s vision and strategy. This includes application of a management decision model that directs all program activities to issues and results that senior managers identify as critical. The results are a conceptual framework for operations, processes and technology.
  • Build and execute a program to implement the design. This includes defining detailed organizational structures, business processes, technology deployment and then helping the client execute through pilot programs and structured rollout. LoBue uses unique tools that provide management with the ability to continuously adapt programs to market forces and employee satisfaction.


LoBue consultants have conducted over 400 consulting projects in 40 countries. Experience and knowledge, partnered with client commitment and ownership, have led to measurable and sustainable results. We apply our unique set of models and performance management tools to rigorously prioritize and quickly execute programs, ensuring that they are on time and on-target.

A major global bank had three major card operations throughout the world. The revenue had grown substantially in the past years, and there was no rational thinking in response to the operational design to service the growth. The result was a slippage of service and a reduction in profitability. LoBue helped the client redesign all operations to reduce staff while reducing overtime, increase collections, increase the speed and quality of credit decisions and provide an overall improvement in customer service.

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