Lobue News: Sep 28, 2015



The workplace of the future is already here and it’s quite a change from the traditional model. Companies that adapt will reap significant benefits in employee productivity and performance.

Experts are forecasting that the trend towards increased off-site, off-the-clock will be the new normal, accelerated by the increased presence of the Millennials, who are reported to represent the new majority of workers as soon as next year. Successful engagement with this employee group will present a challenge for traditionally managed companies (and their HR policies).  Totally comfortable with technology—the first generation who grew up online, from video games to social media--the current and future workforce is also well positioned to be focused on results and productive solutions, since work location and hours will become less significant in favor of actual accomplishments.


The outlook for the future workforce presents a growing urgency (and opportunity) for performance management programs

The implications for virtually all aspects of traditional corporate management practices are huge, none more so than the need for a powerful and versatile performance management approach that will address the key issues of technology and evolving employee attitudes within the corporate culture. 

The cultural and managerial implications of the new generation, who are more entrepreneurial and collaborative than previous cohorts, combined with the new technology which enables these dramatic changes, reinforce the need for performance management systems that will address the new business model.  Successful organizations will recognize the new reality: the transformation of the traditional organizational structure created in the industrial age, to this new, more, agile high tech-driven environment.  Fortunately for corporate profits, these dramatic changes present great opportunities for increased profitability, as performance, not “bureaucracy”, becomes the dominant value in the new corporate world.  These trends reinforce the need for a sophisticated and versatile (adaptable) performance management system that will integrate corporate operations, IT, administrative and revenue-generating activities throughout and beyond this transformation.



Performance Management programs are widely viewed as necessary weapons for companies competing in today’s market.  Building on over three decades of experience, The LoBue Group has developed a significant new service, Performance Management (PxM), to address the realities of the evolving workplace. LoBue’s PxManagement program instills the culture of high performance throughout your company, ensuring that the effective processes and supporting metrics are transparent throughout the organization and, through our collaborative process with your staff, developing team member engagement and support for the organizational changes.  Another program benefit is sustainability--providing management with tools to measure and ensure continued progress. LoBue’s highly experienced consultants will work with your company to identify and implement the key opportunities for improvement and will return after the program’s completion to audit results and recommend future adjustments.


One essential component is distilling the vast amount of data that are compiled daily, to meaningful measurements of company performance.  With the increased capabilities of sophisticated IT systems, managers are often deluged in a flood of data.  The LoBue Group’s PxM program provides decision-makers with current, focused information that will help them address the challenging issues of providing superior customer and employee experiences while driving productivity and cost efficiencies. 

By having the ability to push this information to the department and employee levels via dashboards of KPIs that indicate relevant and personalized performance metrics, PxM also meets the needs of the new generation of workers, empowering them to actively participate in their progress, by enabling them to self-monitor their performance and make necessary adjustments considerably beyond the scope of the traditional quarterly and annual review process.  An added benefit of creating a culture of self-responsibility is the expected reduction of employee turnover, as employees feel more connected to the team by having their input respected.  It also creates new opportunities for HR departments to move beyond their administrative and regulatory roles to become more effective policy partners on senior management teams.

For over three decades, LoBue Group has been advising organizations around the world on these important strategic issues and are experts in collaborating with companies to identify and implement significant changes for improved performance.  Our tremendous experience in designing successful Performance Management programs and the associated metrics will help your company create the organizational infrastructure (and data management system) to master the realities of the emerging workforce and harness them to your firm’s best advantage.  Through the firm’s no-cost Business Assessment, our consulting team will be able to craft a specialized program for your organization that will enable you to achieve valuable, sustainable (and guaranteed) results.  We welcome the opportunity to start a dialogue about your needs. 

Sharon Allen is Chief Marketing Officer at The LoBue Group and can be reached at SAllen@lobue.com.