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Business Strategy

LoBue provides a Business Strategy program that includes the development of the strategy and the roadmap to manage its implementation. Most Banks know "where they want to go" ... LoBue gets them there with implemented strategies that support their objectives. We employ a process refined over decades that accentuates adapting the strategy to the Bank's unique position and capabilities. Our situational analysis insures that the migration steps to success build on current strengths and quickly adapts short term opportunities as a foundation for ongoing successes.

LoBue employs a practical approach to Business Strategy that differentiates it from others by moving the strategy towards implementation. Drawing from LoBue's belief in providing executable recommendations, the business strategy is segmented in near-term and long-term opportunities. Near-term recommendations act as a foundation to the overall strategy and provide more immediate benefits while the overall strategy is put into action. Included in the Business Strategy is an implementation program to achieve both near term and long term results.

Business Strategy Program

LoBue's proven process:

  1. Environmental Scan
    • Political, Economic, Market and Competitive analysis
  2. Current Situation Analysis
    • Current Condition, Strengths & Weaknesses and Market Position
  3. Market Opportunities
    • Regional trends, segment opportunities, new business niches and M & A opportunities
  4. Recommendations for Action
    • Near-term recommendations: those items which can be pursued and will deliver results within twelve months
    • Long-term recommendations: those opportunities which require new product and / or business thrusts, where implementation cannot be completed within twelve months. These are usually prioritized by impact, time to market, investment required and the potential for success


  • LoBue was commissioned to develop a standalone Priority/HNWI Banking Division for a major Middle East Bank. The program included a customer segmentation analysis, a complete product and technology plan and a facilities design and positioning program. Implementation included a pre-launch and launch communications program, employee orientation, staffing model, service delivery model and sales campaign. Additionally, a global off-shore tax advantaged location analysis was completed and a recommendation for long-term action was delivered.
  • LoBue partnered with a top 5 global insurance company to develop a call center and customer service strategy for operating 140+ service centers that employed 11,000 agents in 42 countries supporting 67 separate product lines. In this assignment, LoBue examined the competition in each region, redesigned the global positioning of the customer service experience and consolidated and integrated various service centers. The project Identified benefits including a direct cost savings of $320 million.
  • LoBue performed a Distribution Network strategy for a major UAE bank. The program objectives were to design and implement a Branch performance-evaluation process, link the evaluations to a new branch location selection model, recommend any current distribution network modifications as well as a new countrywide Distribution Network expansion strategy. LoBue analyzed the UAE market and subsequently developed multiple recommendations including the selection of 12 new locations in 6 Emirates with which to service specific target market segments, an on-going process for systematically growing and / or adjusting regional distribution network and a new process for managing branch business priorities and controlling performance.
  • LoBue performed a Corporate, Middle-Market and SME banking strategy program for a major US based bank. This endeavor included Client surveys consisting of face to face interviews and focus groups, a segmentation analysis of the client base, relationship officer account loading and sales planning and re-structuring of the Corporate, Commercial and SME organizations.
  • LoBue conducted a Business Strategy program at a major Hong Kong based Trade Operations Center for a leading global Bank. LoBue performed a market analysis and conducted client surveys to develop a business plan to provide premium service at a reduced cost. Besides reducing direct expenses by several million USD, the client grew their market share in this important market.

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