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Customer Experience Optimization (CxO)

In today’s highly competitive environment, where margins are thin and growth is uncertain, organizations must distinguish themselves with a superior customer experience to attract and retain high quality customers.

However, despite the heavy focus on Customer service initiatives, installation of specialized service units and implementation of service training, businesses continue to find the gap between what customers want and what they actually get rather daunting.

Today’s organizations generally lack a cohesive strategy in managing their customer’s experience. The main challenges they face fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • An inadequate understanding of real customer touch-points
  • Lack of a fully defined target customer experience and an unclear understanding of the current “real” experience
  • Poor or missing tactical plans for implementing experience enhancements to key customer touch-points in a time horizon acceptable by customers
  • Inadequate definitions and processes for measuring and managing ongoing customer experience

In order to meet the challenge of enhancing and managing your ongoing customer experience in accordance with market demands, a cohesive practical strategy must be employed.


LoBue works with our client to integrate customer experience management into all customer touch-points, from end-to-end. Our Customer Experience Optimization (CxO) process is a realistic approach designed to optimize interactions from the customer's perspective and, as a result, foster customer loyalty.

Key elements of the Customer Experience Optimization include:

Customer Experience Optimization

  • Customer Experience Touch Point Analysis (CxT) – During this process all customer touch-points are identified and classified, based on LoBue’s proven methodology. Further, these touch-points are analyzed to identify customer pain points.
  • Customer Experience Definition (CxD) – Through existing data, surveys and focus groups, feedback is accumulated to ensure clear understanding of the baseline experience, customer issues and requirements. By focusing on common experience threads which run across channels, business, and products, LoBue identifies what is done well, what could improve and what must improve.
  • Customer Experience Recommendations (CxR) - LoBue documents findings and recommendations by line of business, product, service and interdependencies. Further, recommendations are evaluated to determine impact to customer and level of effort required for implementation.
  • Customer Experience Management (CxM) & Customer Experience Intelligence (CxI) - LoBue installs a customized management process featuring an intelligence dashboard which ensures on-going organizational focus on all the overall customer experience.

LoBue consultants work hands-on with client management to establish the recommended programs and processes and implement change to ensure that the customer experience is significantly improved and actively managed in the ongoing environment.


LoBue provides organizations a practical way of addressing their customer experience concerns. From identification of your customer touch-points all the way through implementation of high impact recommendations, our programs are focused specifically on customer experience optimization for your customers.

LoBue's CxO program is designed to yield:

  • A clear organizational understanding of your key end-to-end customer touch-points
  • An evolution of legacy customer service units from reactive measurement and problem management to proactive units focused on customer experience enhancement and management
  • A reduction and consolidation of current customer touch-points to ensure the appropriately equipped units are managing customer experience
  • Reorganization of customer facing organizations to significantly increase customer face time
  • A Reduction of product/service fulfillment time from days to hours
  • Significant increase in customer satisfaction across all channels

Today more than ever, customer experience is the “make or break” competency that separates market leaders from the rest of the pack. LoBue’s CxO program delivers the methodical focus that every organization needs to insure a superior customer experience that is cost-efficient, strategically aligned, and most importantly, sustainable.

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